If you are moving home it is likely that you’ll need to transport numerous kitchen appliances, one of which being a fridge freezer. It is essential that you fridge freezer is transported with care so that it does not become damaged during transit. The last thing you’d want to happen is having to spend hundreds of pounds on a new fridge freezer just because it wasn’t prepared for transit.

With the above in mind, see below for our top tips on preparing your fridge freezer for transport.

Moving A Fridge Freezer

Preparing Your Fridge For Transport

Empty the Fridge

Although it might seem obvious, you do need to empty everything from within the fridge. And anything out with such as magnets and so on. If you are packing this last minute and are in the middle of a big house move, it is probably easier just to get rid of all the food and drink items.

Remove the Shelves

This is an essential step. You need to remove all the parts that are removable inside the fridge, including trays, shelves and any other moveable items. We’d suggest wrapping the shelves in towels or bubble wrap for protection and clearly label the boxes used to transport them. You can in some cases get by simply by securing the shelves with tape, however, it is much safer to remove them instead.

Unplug the Fridge Freezer

Remove the plug and coil the power cable taping it into a tight bundle and attach it to the appliance so that it will not move during transport.

Defrost the Freezer

You will need to ensure that the freezer has been defrosted prior to the move, especially if there is a significant build-up of frost. Depending on the freezer, the amount of frost and the room temperature this will take anywhere from six to eight hour so don’t forget this! Give yourself plenty of time to do this and plan ahead. We’d suggest allowing it to defrost overnight as long as you have sufficient basins etc to collect the water. Once completed in the morning, simply give the freezer a wipe down to soak up any excess water.

Cleaning the Fridge

If you have the time, it is worth cleaning the fridge as you’ll not have any food and it will be good to go when you get to your new home. Use disinfectant liquid to wipe down the interior surfaces, tray compartments and drawers.

Close and Secure the Fridge Freezer Doors

Make sure to secure the fridge freezer doors so that they don’t get damaged during the house move. A bungee cord or strong rope is usually a good option and most of us will have these lying around. If you fridge freezer is a double door version then tie the door handles together. Although you need to ensure that they are tied together properly – make sure it is not too tight as you don’t want to cause the doors to become misaligned. Tape is an option however we don’t recommend this as it often leaves a sticky residue and can even damage the finish on some appliances.

Moving the Refrigerator

Always get help when moving a fridge freezer – we always take these items via a dolly and use two of our professional movers.

Use of a Dolly

A moving dolly that is big enough, sturdy enough and ideally inflated rubber wheels on it should be used.

Slide The Refrigerator onto the Dolly (or tilt and move the dolly into place) and secure it in an upright position.

Often enough you will be able to tilt the fridge freezer and position it onto the dolly. Use straps or bungees to secure the appliance to the dolly. Take care when lifting and moving the refrigerator as it is essential to minimize tilting as much as you can. Tilting the refrigerator too severely can cause oil from the compressor to seep out and onto the cooling tubes, therefore keep your fridge in an upright position.

Careful Moving

This is where a two person effort is a good idea. Your helper will be able to help move the fridge while it is on the dolly to ensure you do not hit into anything and keep it securely on the dolly. You’ll likely need to navigate some stairs or steps, take one step at a time, communicate with each other and take your time!

Loading the Fridge Freezer onto the Van

Ideally the track that you are using would have a ramp or possibly a tail lift if a Luton van that will allow for easy access. If not, be careful lifting the fridge freezer up onto the van, again ensure that it is kept in the upright position as much as possible.

Key Points about Transporting a Fridge Freezer

  • Ensure that the inner shelves are removed
  • Ensure that the door(s) are tied shut
  • Keep in the upright position
  • Do not lay it down on the side to save space
  • Ensure that you secure it during transport
  • Wait at least an hour before plugging in your fridge

Even if a fridge has been kept upright for its journey, some oil may still have leaked from the compressor. In order to prevent any negative effect, it is recommend to wait for at least an hour before turning it back on. If oil has leaked out and gets into the refrigeration system as blockage is likely and can cause breakdown of the cooling thus requiring repair.

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